Meet our crazy family

Hi and welcome to our crazy life!  We are Zeb and Melanie Zuehls happily married for 12 years.  Zeb and I met 14 years ago at a small town bar called the Thirsty Beaver, I would like to say it was love at first site but I have to admit the first time I met him I tried to hook him up with my best friend, why you ask because in all reality I thought I did not deserve a guy like Zeb.  Obviously I came to terms with that because here we are 5 kids later and still going strong.  Zeb and I to put it lightly have not had this picture perfect marriage, nope not at all.  We have had many ups and downs the worst being the death of our only son.  Our son Ashton died of SIDS 9 years ago while at daycare.  Its still hard to say that but our adventure is still not done.  So welcome, sit back and enjoy!

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