Who we are and Why We’re Here

Hello and welcome to our blog!  To start we are a farm family from rural Wisconsin.  My husband and I are busy raising 4 girls, working full time and of course farming!  We started this blog for a number of reasons, let me share them with you.

  • 9 years ago my husband and I lost our only son to SIDS.  This has been a devastating journey for us however everyday we grow and move along our journey and this blog is yet another way for us to continue to grow through our grief
  • We have 4 girls, yikes, and we are reminded of that basically whenever we are in public so I wanted to start this blog to ensure everyone that having 4 girls at home is not as torturous as you all may think, crazy yes but not torture.  We actually take pride in having our girls so we want to share with you the ups and downs and hopefully make fall in love with these 4 girls and our crazy life!
  • Farming is hard, boy is it hard so we want to blog about our experiences with farming and how yes it is tough on our family but it can also be so rewarding.  Plus we want to educate people on all of the controversies with farming.
  • We are a budget-friendly family and we have fun doing it so we want to share with you fun recipes, great deals and how we live on a budget.
  • Our 11 year old daughter is an amazing baker and one of the kindest girls I know however she has no confidence in herself so why not have her make a difference in other pre-teen girls lives by having her blog and talking about her amazing new recipes.


So there you have it, in a nutshell why we decided to start this blog so sit back and enjoy our adventures on the farm with 4 girls!

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