The Girls


Here they are the Zuehls Girls!  First we have Olivia our 11 year old baker and kind hearted young lady.  Don’t let that all fool you she is definitely hitting her pre-teen years with the sassing.  Olivia loves baking especially chocolate chip cookies (she will share the recipe eventually).  She is a grounded young lady who takes pride in doing good in school.

Miss Tenley (Tooney Bell) is almost 7 years old and our first Rainbow Baby.  Tenley is a true introvert, extremely shy and likes to just keep to herself.  She is our little artist and loves making mom proud by cleaning and organizing.  She is definitely my most organized child.

Ashlynn is our 4 year old and seriously the sweetest.  She is always telling mom and dad how much she loves them!  When Ashlynn is not attending Little Lambs at the local Lutheran School she gets to spend her days with dad on the farm and go on lots of adventures, her favorite is picking up parts at the John Deere dealership because they always have fresh cookies!

Zaelynn is our little angel baby.  Yes I call her that but she is the youngest and you can tell because she loves to be held and snuggled.  I think she will be very feisty having to fight with 3 others for attention.

There you have it, our 4 angels!

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